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Legal Services

We specialise in the marketing and sale of residential property, particularly in the Lothians and Scottish Borders. All our houses for sale are displayed on this website and in most cases in the BSPC and often also in the ESPC.

Our team of solicitors and conveyancing assistant are fully qualified to advise on the purchase of houses throughout Scotland and can assist you in making the right decision as to price, mortgage requirement and insurance. Whether dealing with a sale or a purchase our two partners have between them more than 50 years experience of the local market and accordingly have the knowledge and expertise to give you the best possible advice.

Now, more than ever, people realise the benefits of having a Will prepared by professionals to ensure that their assets go to the right persons after death.
We offer advice on the correct Will for your circumstances and on methods to avoid or reduce the impact of Inheritance Tax.
Our solicitors have the knowledge and expertise to wind up the estates of deceased persons in a swift and sympathetic manner.

Whether buying, selling or leasing commercial or licensed property, our knowledge and expertise can asist you to secure the best deal.

The law affects agricultural activities in an ever increasing and burdensome way. Advice on such matters to include the buying and selling of farms and other rural properties is available.

Separation and divorce cause great stress for both husband and wife and decisions can be made in the heat of the moment that are later regretted. It is important for both parties to seek independent advice at an early stage on the division of matrimonial property and on residential care of and contact with children of the marriage.
We will always strive to obtain a fair and reasonable settlement of such issues.

Persons who are prosecuted for criminal offences such as assault, theft, road traffic violations and the like need quick and reliable advice to protect and represent their interests. Stormonth Darling are able to provide that service and, where appropriate, instruct an Advocate (a Scottish barrister) to deal with the most serious offences.

Civil actions in court arise as a result of debt, contract disputes, divorce, accident claims and numerous other areas of conflict. Whether you wish to pursue another party or have yourself been served with a court writ, Stormonth Darling can provide the experience and advice needed to try and resolve the conflict or guide you through the civil court process.

If you have had an accident causing injury, whether at work or otherwise, Stormonth Darling can assist you in negotiations with employers or insurance companies to reach a fair and reasonable settlement of compensation for your injury.

Depending on your financial circumstances, Legal Aid may be available to meet all or part of the costs involved in dealing with FAMILY LAW; CRIMINAL CASES; CIVIL COURT & ACCIDENT CLAIMS.

You can read more about our Conveyancing service by clicking here.

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